5mm 3k Carbon Fiber Rods For Kite Skeleton

5mm 3k carbon fiber rods for kite skeleton Product Description Our products: 1. Surface: Glossy/ Matte 2. Material: Carbon Fiber & Epoxy Resin 3. Shape: Carbon Fiber Small Dimension Solid Rod 4. Color: Black 5.Density: 1.5 g/cm 3 6.Tolerance: +/-0.05mm 7. Used:...


5mm 3k carbon fiber rods for kite skeleton


Product Description

 Our products:

1. Surface: Glossy/ Matte

2. Material: Carbon Fiber&Epoxy Resin

3. Shape: Carbon Fiber Small Dimension Solid Rod

4. Color: Black

5.Density: 1.5 g/cm3

6.Tolerance: +/-0.05mm

7. Used: Building,Industry,Diving,Aerospace,Outdoor sports ,etc



Key features of carbon fiber:
•  High strength/Excellent structural properties

•  Good tensile strength & modulus/Superior dimensional stability

•  Anti-corrosion / Acid and alkali resistant

•  Low Density/Light in weight

•  Good X-ray transparency 

•  Highly UV-resistant/Eco friendly



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           Automobile Fittings                      Medical Devices                            Sports Equipment


image.img.jpgPDD)05ME39~S)~SZJ[(HR9.png8 (1).jpg

           Bridge Construction                                UAV                                      Aerospace Aviation 


For Woven Carbon Fiber Products , Our Main Market is High Level Electronic Products Spare Parts And Sporting Products , Army Products , Such as Drones , Golf Club , Branded Luxury Racing Car ,New Nucler Bike ,etc

Our service

We provide pultrusion carbon fiber products and 3k carbon fiber products. 

* Pultrusion carbon fiber products:



* 3k carbon fiber products:



Our Company


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    Dongguan Juli F.R.P Products Co.,Ltd is specialized in designing and manufacturing carbon fiber tubes,rods,plates, parts etc.The President Mr Chen and his teammates has followed this industry for 20 years and acquired adequate expertise.With its excellent performance,carbon fiber products  are widely  used in  RC Model,Medical Equipment ,Drainage System  and other industries.


 This is our factory culture:

Misson : Nothing is Impossible With Composite Products

Vision : To Be World-Class Composite Products Supplier

Values: Bring Value For Customers ,Create Dreams For Employees

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Welcome to wholesale our 5mm 3k carbon fiber rods for kite skeleton. As one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers, we will offer you the best quality products and excellent service. For more info, contact our factory now.
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